Vice Chancellor Prof. G.C.R. Jaiswal

With a distinguished provenance of Maurya and Gupta empires, the newly constituted Pataliputra University dawned in the glorious land of Buddhism and Jainism on 18th March, 2018 with resurgent zeal and vigor to embark upon a new journey ahead with unflinching resolve to equip our students with knowledge, skills, acumen and adroitness that allow them to make greater contribution to society. In this endeavor, we offer to our students a rich blend of Vocational and professional courses with an aim to gain specific skills and recognition for gainful employment and career advancement. As the founder vice-chancellor of this university, I firmly believe in the adage that “Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself”. By virtue of collaborative endeavors of our teachers and students, I am quite confident and sanguine to build synergies leading to innovative ideas, diverse networks, agile and dynamic ambience with vibrant cultural environment. We are bound to make our enviable presence in the world of academia. This university is adorned with prestigious colleges having exquisite set of sedulous and dedicated teachers and supportive staffs, who are well adept in their respective fields. Diligent efforts will be made to provide ideal learning environment and platform for our students to assert themselves in all spheres of life and to excel as skilled professional in fiercely competitive, diverse global environment. The university will adopt a holistic approach for all-round developments of our students. We will also stand by our unwavering commitment to National policy of Diversity and inclusion of SC/ST/OBC, women, differently abled students of all strata of society. I welcome and congratulate you for reposing your faith in this university and wish you a bright future.


Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. G.K. Choudhary

Stunning triumphs of science and intellect, marvels of technology and information explosions have brought about profound changes in world economy, influencing every intertwined socio-economic fabric of the society. Keeping abreast the changing technologies, industry driven demands, socio-economic requirements, employability in local as well as world market, the colleges of Patliputra Universtiy have started large array of vocational and professional courses spanning across the courses of Computer Applications, Management, Information Technology, Bio-technology, Bio-chemistry, Environment and Water Management, Journalism and Mass Communication, Tourism and Travel Management, Advertising and Sales Promotions etc. The state policy also lays increased focus on vocational and professional education to prepare institutions for fourth industrial revolution, characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres. As Adam Grant remarked “The mark of higher education isn’t the Knowledge you accumulate in your head. It’s the skills you gain about how to learn”. Therefore, do not hesitate to go to your laboratories because what you learn in class-rooms, implement in laboratories. I firmly believe that “The intelligence is not proved by ease of learning but by understanding what we learn”. We are quite confident that with collective endeavors of our teachers and students, Patliputra University will forge a bright future through new program initiatives, modern curricula, student engagements, professional trainings, research endeavors, innovative ideas and national and international collaborations. These vocational and professional courses are well groomed to inspire leadership and management skills which are quintessentials not only to achieve organizational goals but also for individual and professional developments. I welcome you for opting our university for shaping your career and am pretty sure that by acquiring essential scruples and acumen, you will be able to tread the path of success

Patliputra University

Patliputra known as Patna, is situated at the confluence of four rivers. It sprawls along the south bank of the Ganges River straddling the rivers son, Gandak and Ghaghra. Patliputra was seat of learning and fine arts. It was home to many astrologers and scholars including Aryabhata, Panini, Ashwaghosh, Vatsyayan, Chanakya, Kalidas and other incredible scholars. It has distinction of being associated with Buddhism and Jainsim and has witnessed the rise and fall of Mauryas and Guptas. It served as the Centre of power and hub of political and cultural activities of Indian subcontinent during Maurya and Gupta empires. Patna under the rule of Ashoka, the grandson of Chandragupta emerged as an effective capital of Indian subcontinent. It served as cultural learning Centre and city of Innovation. Modern mathematical theories alongwith geometric and trigonometric principles were developed here. The concept of zero and decimal system were recorded in this glorious land. Patna city is a sacred place for Sikhs as the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh was born here. Adjacent to Patna, Nalanda had the distinction of having one of the first universities in the world founded in 5th Century B.C., During his life time the Lord Buddha used to visit this university. Nalanda was a Mahavira, a large Buddhist monastery, the ancient Kingdom of Magadhan Empire. Bifurcated from Magadh University, Patliputra University came into existence on the March 18, 2018. This university comprises of a galaxy of 25 prestigious constituent colleges spread over two districts, Patna and Nalanda. Out of 25 constituent colleges, there are 6 Girl’s colleges and the rest 19 colleges are co-educational.

Patliputra university is fully attuned to face new challenges of the inexorable march of technology, unlocking and harnessing new knowledge and innovative ideas, building cultural understanding, modelling environment that promote dialogue and debate, promoting scientific temper among the students, inculcating human and cultural values for holistic growth and fostering a sense of respect for gender equality and individual’s right in multi-cultural society.





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Controller of Examination

College Under Patliputra University

1. A. N. College , Patna www.ancpatna.org
  Accorded "Colleges with Potential for Excellence (CPE)Status" thrice since 2005
  Accredited with Grade "A" by NAAC in 2005 and 2011 and in 2017 with Grade "A" (Third cycle) with C.G.P.A. 3.27/4.
  A distinguish partner of "Erasmus Mundas Academic exchange programmes" of European Union.
  U.K. India Education Research Initiatives (UKIERI).
  Numerous collaborations with universities of Europe, U.S.A., South Korea and other countries.
2. A.N.S. College, Barh www.anscollege.org
  Run 15 postgraduates and undergraduate programmes and many vocational/professional courses.
  Sprawling campus, well-furnished laboratories, adequate infrastructures, spacious class rooms and Girl's Hostel.
3. Sri Arvind Mahila College, Patna
  NAAC accredited Grade "B+" with CGPA 2.51/4.
  Offers Bachelor of Arts, Commerce and Science.
  A premier Girl's college running Vocation/Professional Courses.
4. B.D. College, Patna
  A well known destination for students of Commerce, Arts and Science.
  Runs multifaceted programs including numerous vocational and professional courses.
5. B.S. College, Danapur
  One of the well acknowledged colleges of PPU.
  Sprawling Campus endowed with natural surroundings.
  Runs multifaceted programs including many vocational and professional courses.
6. College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna www.cocpatna.org
  Re-accredited as Grade "A" in 2014 with CGPA 3.1/4.
  A distinguished college running numerous P.G., U.G., Vocational/Professional and Add on courses.
  Robust infrastructures, well equipped laboratories and dedicated set of teachers.
  Numerous collaborations with NIDAN, NHRDN, ABTF and Konkur University, South Korea.
7. G.J. College, Rambagh, Bihta www.gjcollegebihta.org
  NAAC accredited college
  Runs several U.G. Courses in conventional as well as job oriented courses, sprawling campus and good infrastructures.
8. Ganga Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Patna www.gdmm.co.in
  NAAC accredited Grade "B" with CGPA 2.46/4.
  Imparts quality education to girls in Science, Arts, Informational Technology and Management; well-equipped laboratory, computer lab and library.
9. J.D. Women’s college, Patna www.jdwcpatna.com
  NAAC accredited Grade "B" with CGPA 2.16/4.
  A premier women’s college to foster the cause of education for women in the state of Bihar.
  Runs U.G. and P.G courses alongwith several vocational/Professional courses, well equipped laboratories supported by good infrastructures.
10. Jagat Narayan Lal College, Khagaul, Patna www.jnlcollegekhagaul.com
  A sub-urban college nurturing the cause of education in remote area with lush green five acres campus.
  Runs U.G. courses in conventional subjects.
11. Malti Dhari College, Naubatpur, Patna www.maltidharicollege.org
  Runs U.G. Courses in 15 subjects including Science, Arts and Vocational.
  Sprawling campus with adequate infrastructures serving rural as well as shifting urban demographic.
12. M.M. College, Bikram
  Runs multifaceted U.G programs including Vocational courses.
  Serving rural masses with good infrastructures and a good computer lab and good library.
13. Mahila College, Khagaul, Patna www.mahilacollegekhagaul.com
  One of oldest and widely acclaimed women's college in semiurban area running U.G. courses in Science, Arts and Commerce.
  Lush green campus with requisite infrastructures.
14. Ram Krishna Dwarika College, Patna www.rkdmahavidyalay.org
  NAAC accredited college with distinguished faculty members.
  Runs U.G. courses in Science, Arts, Commerce and Vocational/Professional courses.
15. R.L.S.Y. College, Bakhtiyarpur www.rlsycollegebakhtiyarpur.org
  Runs multifaceted conventional and vocational courses.
  Excellent connectivity, Ecofriendly sprawling campus, good infrastructures, large playground, well equipped halls and classrooms and rich library.
16. R.P.M. College, Patnacity www.rpmcollegepatna.com
  Runs U.G. courses in Arts and Science; Committed to the cause of women's empowerment through access to education.
  Wi-Fi enabled campus, well equipped laboratories, seminar hall and central library.
17. Ram Ratan Singh College, Mokama www.rrscollege.org
  NAAC accredited Grade "B" with CGPA 2.27/4.
  Runs 12 UG courses in science and Arts serving marginalized population of adjacent rural communities.
18. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Patna Saheb www.sggscollege.in
  Runs multifaceted U.G. programs including vocational courses.
  Good infrastructures having Administrative Building, Conference Room, well-furnished classrooms, two computer labs and good library with reading hall.
19. S.M.D. College, Punpun, Patna www.smdcollegepunpun.com
  NAAC accredited Grade "B" with C.G.P.A 2.14/4.
  Offers 12 UG courses in Science, Arts and Vocational courses; serves suburban population of Patna, 6 acres sprawling campus, well equipped laboratories and classrooms.
20. T.P.S. College, Patna www.tpscollege.com
  NAAC accredited Grade "B" College with CGPA 2.57/4.
  Runs U.G and P.G. courses in Science, Arts and UG Courses in Vocational; One of the premier colleges of Patna with good infrastructures.
21. Kisan College, Nalanda www.kisancollege.co.in
  A premier college of Nalanda serving rural population.
  Runs U.G courses in Commerce and Vocational, UG and PG Courses in Science and Arts; well-equipped laboratories, computer labs, well developed infrastructures and sports facilities.
22. Nalanda College, Biharsharif www.nalandacollegebiharsharif.com
  NAAC accredited Grade "B" with C.G.P.A. 2.56/4.
  Having the distinction of being one of the oldest College in Bihar with 144 years of existence.
  Runs UG and PG courses in Science and Arts and Vocational/Professional streams.
  25 classrooms, 4 smart classrooms, 20 tutorial rooms, 20 laboratories, 1 seminar room and 1 committee room.
23. Nalanda Mahila College, Biharsharif www.nalandamahilacollege.org
  A pioneer Women's College of Nalanda.
  Offer U.G. courses in Science and Arts.
24. S.P.M. College, Udantpuri, Nalanda
  A premier college serving semi-urban and rural population.
  Runs U.G courses in Science, Arts and Vocational streams.
25. S.U. College, Hilsa
  Imparting affordable quality education to underprivileged rural population of Hilsa subdivision in Nalanda district.
  Offers UG courses in Science, Arts and Vocational Streams.